Hello, Fukui, this is Dylan,2009年04月23日 21時45分15秒

Hello, Fukui, this is Dylan,

Hello, Fukui, this is Dylan, It's good to see you again.

Big news is we have strong blog attack from Fukui today.

I suppose attacker should be you.

How's your daughter?

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Hello, Dylan! Hello, Yokohama.2009年04月23日 21時42分55秒

Hello, Dylan! Hello, Yokohama.

Hello, Dylan! Hello, Yokohama.

She's fine.

BTW, you became a clock. It's so nice.

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ディラン時計つけました2009年03月04日 19時58分46秒




久しぶりのディランです2007年04月07日 00時29分42秒




Long time no see2006年12月08日 23時03分13秒

Hi, guys!

Long time no see (^o^), how's you doing?

Big news for me was -- we've moved. It's really a comfortable house.
Would you mind coming to my house to play with me, Cha-cha maru san and Hana-chan?

Open Cafe "NALYD DYLAN"2006年04月23日 16時20分03秒

Yeah, Hana-chan and Cha-Cha Maru san,

I am pleased to announce you the opening of


Why don't you join us with your fine photos?

I am Dylan2006年04月15日 21時16分03秒

Hello! It's me, Dylan.

As you can imagine easily, my name came from famous singer Bob Dylan. Hyanghi likes his songs so much--for example "Blowin' in the Wind"

My profiles will be described by Jongara-bushi san later.

See you!