I am Dylan2006年04月15日 21時16分03秒

Hello! It's me, Dylan.

As you can imagine easily, my name came from famous singer Bob Dylan. Hyanghi likes his songs so much--for example "Blowin' in the Wind"

My profiles will be described by Jongara-bushi san later.

See you!


_ Cha Cha Maru ― 2006年04月20日 08時44分56秒

Hi, Dylan !
It's long time no see you.
Why didn't you come over to "Motomachi Dog Festa 2006" which were held on last Saturday?
I hope to see you again soon. Bye-Bye.

_ Hana chan ― 2006年04月21日 04時24分00秒

Hello Dylan
My name is Hana-chan. When I see you, I give you a kiss with my mouth that was enclosed to a long beard. My kiss will invite you to the world of a dream. You don’t care whether I am heavier than you or not, do you?!!

_ Cha Cha Maru ― 2006年04月21日 11時06分32秒

Good morning !!
Hana-chan and Dylan.

How are you this morning ?

I enjoy walking with my good-looking and dandy owner Tommy-san every morning, It is good opportunity to keep helth not only for me but also Tommy-san, too. Anyway, he loves "Frypan" and those night are very well and enjoy drinking every night as you know well. By the way, I wonder why Fan-mama doesn't get fat even though she seems to be eating from morning till night, (smile,smile,smile,,,,,,,)
Maybe she walked so hard, too,,,,, I think.

Hana-chan, and Dylan-kun,
Have a nice weekend. Bye,

_ Dylan Dylan's room will be open very soon ― 2006年04月21日 19時36分17秒

Hi, Cha-cha Maru san,

Oops! I was grounded all day in my room. But believe me, I have not done any bad things to Hyanghi san.
You should have informed to her about that event -- I missed such a superior one and maybe good food.

BTW, do you know I will have my own room "Dylan Dylan" (not Duran Duran) in this blog this weekend?
Here we can discuss and chat about whatever you are interesting.

>San-Wan san (is this correct spell to your name?)

I welcome you to join this room.

Oh, It's about time to say good-bye.

See you next time. Bye-bye.

_ Dylan ― 2006年04月22日 08時58分48秒

Hana-chan and Cha-Cha Maru san,

Could you send your photo(s) with your atractive beard or good looks. You know my address, right?

Thanks in advance for your sending.

See you!


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